Black Lodge Ensemble : Elliott Levin

by Black Lodge Ensemble

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Sound Poetry meets Jazz Poetry


released May 8, 2009

Elliott Levin - Words, Saxophone, Flute
Charles Cohen - Buchla Music Easle
Dylan S. McConnell - Bass, Synthesizer, Tape
Eric Slick - Drums, Percussion
Foster Longo - Keyboards
MD Long - Magnetic Tape, Synthesizer



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Black Lodge Productions Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An artist owned production company which releases a variety of new and challenging music.

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Track Name: Psycho Pathology of Every Day Nights
Psycho Pathology of Every Day Nights

It's been the kind of life to make
you feel it's been "What's up?!"
so long, it looks like down
to me, for the
is to ten ticking... angel
see war as peace...
Yet, work as play seems
tangible enough a creed
to pray into...
Patience, a virtue... and a nascent
curfew.. as after hours...
jam, and coffee klatch.. dollar flowers...
all secret(e) and seep into
the late sprung pre-dawn
showers of good shabbos...

-EL NYC 06.03.06
Track Name: Memorial Daze/Story Book (B)Ending
Memorial Daze

A hand starting vertiginous rush
overwhelms my abdominal stability
as I must shae off an incoming
Orange Line's blur of transfixation...
before I lose my balance, lunch...
or perhaps even consciousness...
who knows what more lays in store
beyond that ultr-climactic inversion
of sensual upheaval... of
in verse orgasmic thrust
and impact...
in fact, whether
reality remains in tact, or
slackens to a state of a black
(sink) hol- istic tract, under-
my soul's temple... (my minds housed in
love shack) firmly erected as though
from bricks, though somewhat-
perhaps- out of whack

-EL 02/28/07

Story Book (B)Ending

As the osmosistically piped-on-board scored Everyman
soundtrack brings yet another New (h)Amsterdam(n!) tread mill
planet's orbit to a stand still!... With rent asunder we reap the
Play Penned plunder of the Beauty of Wonder, Land booty
...Yo-gran-fruity-nola-nosh nourish,
and with a flourish our force of
life for us
nicely... prized wifely duties
dearly... beloved, muscles flexed in
imminent solar-plected
subject... coming round ground, kicked to
the curb
again, mountain of strength... (in)
inevitable tall
convivial survival tales... ever eventually
edited, and set
soon enough... a tough forever.

Coming late... chill bone... Viet chili bun.. burrrrr... grrrrrrr...
all the way home like the gerrrrr... bellllllll... (ing) impounding
butt-bound found dawn, we've grown accustomed to face...
To lust life (more or) less(ons)... for the success is just
another (word weighed) point of view... (World wide)
d- ing scale, shot through with good (to go) connot-a-&-
in the least... likely to... scenario for the master plan
sonic-scape-coat enthermally clothing the Common Man
in all his stark, bleak unique glory... with
some kind of story... to show for it.

-EL 02/06/07
Track Name: Full Thank Be, For Got You What
Full Thank Be, For Got You What

Ennui ...and why?...
...and way...
...on we... go... hit the pike...
past the peak... hours where no pass
longer musters the cut... in the
new fare break down (first train) dance last
longing before the shortly coming dawn...
going out my inbound mind... to carry on
...perform, the norm, Drang and Sturm amidst
the eternally diminishing return
to warm the cockles of the
Wild-Turkey-Flower hearts of the
hymns (and hers) of the
often intimate real deal gathering ranks
in the Fall-back re-nov-ate-ember-ed
time zones... Giving Thanks (God) for
Fridays black... and blank... checks...
Body... Mind... Divine... and Frankly... give
a (don't mind if I, dearly) Damn... (I too)...
Don't mind if I do.

-EL 11/16/07
Track Name: Where Have All the Rememberence...?
Where Have All the Rememberence...?

Where have all the rememberence of things past...
presented future tense of deja-vued or lapsed
time imbued sense of familiarity... regardless
of consciousness continuum...and then some-
and some aren't... far from what's come- and gone?
Gone? Gone!... with the sugar barrel,
pickle barrel, milk pail... slap-happy 200 year old
brass tapped tubs of dugga-dah dugga-dah...
and rubber band clapped keys to the squared,
shared velocity... of profound sound
and inclined line of comprehension...
A lineage fine tunes to higher
dimension of concrete and consciousness...
Direct and discrete and more-or-less... off
bitter-sweet less-on...
learned in the turn
of events- today...
Spawned and spurned from when and whence we
to play

-EL 07/15/07